December’s flower

The flower for the month of December is……the Narcissus!

The meaning of this flower is respect, modesty and faithfulness.  The hidden message behind this flower is “you’re the only one.”  This beautiful flower comes in three different colors, which are yellow, white and orange.  This is a gorgeous & symbolic flower to incorporate in a bridal bouquet for those of you getting married in the month of December!


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November’s flower

The flower for the month of November is……the Chrysanthemum!

What a gorgeous and unique looking flower.  The meaning behind the flower is “with love & cheerfulness.”  There is also another meaning behind this flower, which is, “you are a wonderful friend.”  This special flower comes in an array of colors, which include: red, pink, white, yellow, orange and mauve.  According to the beliefs of some, this flower is believed to bring laughter and happiness into your home!


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October’s flower

The flower for the month of October is the Marigold & the Mexican Aster!

The meaning behind the Marigold is sympathy and sorrow.  There are said to be hidden messages behind the Marigold, such as “my thoughts are always with you.”  The Marigold comes in two specific colors – primarily oranges and yellows.  All over the World people give Birth Month Flowers as gifts to celebrate special occasions or events. Flowers, such as the Calendula (Marigold), are always given to celebrate the birth of a new baby and included in wedding flowers or a wedding bouquet. Many people also like to give October Birth Flower, including the Calendula (Marigold), to celebrate special events at different times and months of the year and especially during holiday periods. Knowing the flowers which are associated with the October Birth Flower and their meaning adds to the significance of the flowers.


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A fall floral arrangement

Check out this lovely fall arrangement that Patra Designs created for one of our customers 40th Anniversary celebration!  The customer wanted purple orchids and bright orange colors for the beautiful fall season.  Of course, we added fun textures to enhance its natural beauty!

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Cool corsages

Talk about cool corsages!

Patra Designs staff put their thinking caps on for these one-of-a-kind corsages for one of our great customers.  These will surely make a statement and standout for their High School Homecoming celebration!

Looking for more unique designs like these?  Visit or call 216-342-1420 to order your floral arrangements today!

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month from Patra Designs!  Celebrate the cultural traditions with your family and friends this year – create a festive dish, create traditional floral decor, dress up and show off your true colors!

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Simple signature cube

One of our simple signature cubes!  These are so popular in our store!  A single cube is great for a hostess gift, birthday, or anniversary.  We’ve also had customers purchase 5 or more small cubes and push them all together to make it look like one large centerpiece, and at the end of the night, they give one away to each couple.  What a great idea!

Call 216-342-1420 for your custom floral arrangements today!

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Everyday floral arrangements

Everyday floral arrangements created by Patra Designs

Some of our one-of-a-kind arrangements

Created for one of our great customers, these beautiful arrangements are only two of the five floral designs we made for her.  She absolutely loved the cabbage mixed with the different colors and textures that made the arrangements “pop”!

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September’s flower

Flower for the Month – September


The meaning of the September Birth Flower, the Aster is Love, Faith, Wisdom and symbolizes Valor.

The hidden message of the Birth Flower, the aster, so favored during the Victorian era was “Take care of yourself for me”.

The colors of the September Birth Flower, the Aster, include the following: Pink, Red, White, Lilac, Mauve

Month of September, the Aster or Morning Glory, to commemorate Patriot Day on 9/11 and celebrate Teacher’s Day on September 4 and Grandparent’s Day on the first Sunday after Labor Day on Sept 1.

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