Floral Designs

At Patra Designs, we blend a comprehensive knowledge of flowers and decorating   with imagination and creativity to provide each client with innovative floral designs that complement any occasion. Crafted by the most creative and professional hands with an understated elegance, our arrangements are fitting for home or office.

At Patra Designs we are honored to have built incredible relationships with so many of our clients. They trust us implicitly to make floral designs for their beautiful homes, offices, gorgeous hotels, for their weddings and special events.

Just as each season brings with it new flowers in bloom, each passing moment brings fresh inspiration and new ideas which inform our innovative designs for our clients. Seasonal flowers with beautiful tones and textures are used in each arrangement to display the variety that each season has to offer. From the simply elegant to the lush, our designs are inspired by the breathtaking variety of color, form, and texture in nature.

Patra Designs prides itself on using only the highest quality products to create everyday and event floral arrangements with the use of premium flowers, remarkable textures, and unique containers. Fresh flowers are purchased daily to ensure that each arrangement is created to not only be fabulous, but also long lasting.

Modern, chic, natural, elegant, contemporary and vivid containers are chosen with care and consideration for the needs of all our clients. We stock our shelves with containers keeping in mind the individual aesthetics of each order.

Please let us know if there is any specialty gift you want to add to your order. From a bottle of wine, to champagne, to chocolates, candles, baby gifts and gift certificates, we can create a unique gift for any occasion.

We have gained a reputation for our commitment to customer service and artistic approach to floral design. It is truly a joy and an honor to create beautiful arrangements that bring a smile to people’s faces.

Patra Designs can deliver to any location, for any occasion in Northeast Ohio and nationwide.

You can see examples of our innovative designs on Facebook and our blog.